iMassage U – Vibrating massager

iMassage U is a simple, easy to use app that makes your iPhone vibrate! 

Over 3 million downloads! Thank you!

• Choose from over 10 different vibration patterns
• Set vibration strength and speed
• Easy to use power on/off button
• 'Two finger tap to turn off' setting prevents accidental turn off
• First vibration app to support the Apple Watch
• iMessage app to share a massage with your friends
• Simple and easy to use user interface

+ Relax and relieve stress after a long day
+ Help soothe your baby (or yourself) to sleep
+ A tool for certain meditation techniques
+ So much more!

*** Please note: this app only works on iPhones (iPads & iPod Touches do not have an internal vibrator) ***


New in version 4.5

- Under the hood updates and improvements

- "Soothing Pattern" which was previously locked is now free!

Questions, Comments or Suggestions?

I heard about this app from a friend and he said he used it on his feel after intense basketball practices. Well good lord does this think work. It helps my aching feel recover from a long 2-3 hours of running in basketball shoes.
— by Hugs forever and ever
I must admit this is a fab app! I put some tiger balm on my lower back injury, placed my iPhone using this massage system app on a towel on top and violà the back ache is 100% gone ! I highly recommend this great concept 👍
— by AllAppyAppy
To those who have sore backs (like me) or mussels that need to be messaged constantly, I do recommend BUYING this. The free vibration settings are kinda crappy, but it’s help my lower back pain slightly (better than the other apps I’ve tried anyways) but it’s still not getting down into the point of the pain for me.
— by Mintz2520