Pitch Counter & Radar Gun

Pitch Counter + Speed Calculator bundles a pitch counter with a radar gun (speed calculator). With a simple and easy to use interface this app, is a great tool to have at a baseball or softball game.

Pitch Counter + Speed Calculator Features: 
• Simple & easy to use pitch counter (great for Little League)
• Radar Gun (speed calculator) with the ability to change pitching distance
• Speed unit measured in MPH or KPH
• Apple Watch App

If you have any suggestions for future updates/improvements please us know through the app!


New in version 4.0

• Improved Apple Watch app to sync settings with iOS app

• Bug fixes

Questions, Comments or Suggestions?

This is such a great app. Newest version has created much more flexibility. Pitching distances and speeds have been adjusted. I use this every day for my son’s baseball games. Sure beats a $500 radar gun! And just as effective. I’ve used it at major league games and compared it to the official speed on the scoreboard and I was consistently within one or 2 mph.
— Hdlmbopm
Does its thing perfect. A good complement for when you watch a game. A big plus for the Apple Watch app
— Daniel Winther
I’ve been using this app to help keep track of my pitchers pitch count. A must have for any little league coach or book keeper. The new update finally supports the Apple Watch (thank you!!).
— TeeTimeGolf99
I’ve always been curious on how fast my teammates Pitch. This app does a phenomenal job at tracking speed and keeping track of how many times my players have pitched
— KarterBM