double tap – a simple game of coordination

Double Tap is a simple, yet challenging game of coordination that will test your patience and skill. What level can you get to?


New in version 1.3

• Bug fixes and performance improvements 

Questions, Comments or Suggestions?

This game is crazy hard. I’ve made it to about 10, tops. I really like the clean, minimalist aesthetic, and the game pleasantly reminds me of the Test Your Might minigame in Mortal Kombat, which is always a plus.
— canvasofwinter
Original game mechanic and minimalistic presentation make this one a keeper! Simple to learn but each level requires serious coordination to pass.
— Allbyself30
I love little games that challenge your dexterity. This is a beautiful looking and simple game, but it’s actually quite challenging and fun to play!
— kingjackclubs