Black Holes Shooter

How many Black Holes can you destroy? This simple, fun and highly addictive game will keep you coming back for more. 

Strategically use the gravitational pull of the Black Holes to maneuver your ship while shooting them before you get sucked in. Watch out for the clustering of Black Holes as their forces will combine together to produce a stronger pull.

Good luck!

New in version 2.0

• "Power Play" – a new mode with power ups
• Customize the look of your ship by unlocking new ships in the hanger
• Added an In-app purchase to remove ads
• Improved gameplay

Questions, Comments or Suggestions?

The physics in this game are realistic, new, and exciting. Cant stop playing!
— CTJoregoncoast
Fun and addictive game. I can’t put down! The interface is simple and easy to follow. Definitely well thought out by the creator, I especially love the font chosen. One of the best games I have downloaded, I would say it ranks with the best, including flappy bird. ☺️. I love this app!
— Nemo:)
Simple game where you only need to shoot black holes by tapping them. Navigation is automatically taken care of as you are pulled towards the black holes; don’t get swallowed! Challenging and fun at the same time!!!
— Henry Jones Junior 1981